We trade
Gift cards & Cryptocurrencies.

Fynestdeals Enterprise is a registered company with the mission of meeting divergent needs of customers anywhere in Nigeria with the effective use of e-shopping techniques

Vanilla & Vanilla one Gift card260/$
Ebay Gift card260/$
iTunes Gift card255/$
Amazon Single200/$
Walmart Gift card240/$
Apple store Gift card230/$

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon 500 single any receipt or no receipt.

iTunes Gift Cards

Both physical and digital cards. Get paid within 5 mins

Vanilla Gift Cards

Both Vanilla or One Vanilla and just any type of visa card

Ebay Gift Cards

Sell your ebay gift card and get paid at the best rates

Google Play Gift Cards

Securely exchange your Google play gift card for cash

Other Gift Cards

We trade on just any type of gift cards. Click to check our rates

Air Freight Services

Ship your goods from any part of the world. Fast and secure

RMB Payment

Pay for goods and services in Chinese RMB. At a very low rate

Bitcoin Trading

Buy or sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Order from Amazon via Fynestdeals @


Check Amazon.com and choose item, send us the link via WhatsApp, make payment. We process your order and deliver it to you.